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August 28-29, 2020

- A Virtual Conference Experience -

Registration for this year's InnoPower Conference is free! Thanks to our sponsors and partners, we are able to ensure that "everyone has a seat at the table " and cost will not be a barrier.


From the health of our workforce and families to the health of our economy and communities, 2020 has been a year of mass disruption and devastation. For our minority business community, decades of systemic racism and many structural challenges underscore the underlying economic fragility of underrepresented groups, including the Black and Latinx communities.

Everyone Deserves a Seat at the Table

In 2019, InnoPower Indy was launched to drive innovation through diversity and inclusion. The 2-day conference was designed to highlight innovations in our minority communities, create opportunities for capacity building, and leverage external financing and networks.

As we examine the impact of 2020; collaboration, support and change are imperative more than ever before. Recovery from the current downturn could take even longer than the recovery from the last crisis, especially for our minority business community.

We're All In This Together

InnoPower, LLC has teamed up with Recorder Media Group to present the 2nd annual InnoPower Minority Business Conference. This event is for leaders of Black, Latinx, Asian and other business groups whose members face distinct challenges while recovering from a year of disease and uncertainty.

We're all #INthistogether has been the rallying cry for a state, nation and world thrown into chaos. The Indiana Minority Business Conference will bring together partners, investors, future advocates, entrepreneurs, business and community leader for two days of virtual keynote sessions, panel discussions, interactive workshops and pitch competitions.

Impactful Change

The event will focus on providing solutions and equipping attendees with the knowledge, resources and skills to not just survive, but to thrive. Programming topics include:

  • Skills (WATCH) – expanding people's capabilities and employability for a rapidly changing economy  

  • Entrepreneurship (WATCH) – teaching essential skills and frameworks for starting a business

  • Social Capital (WATCH) – creating infrastructures that help minorities connect to people and resources

  • Finance – developing avenues that lead to better access to capital for minority businesses

  • Social Innovation – embracing new practices to meet community needs better than existing solutions

  • Politics - leading change to create thriving communities for all

  • Technology – increasing the participation of minorities in our state’s technology sector

  • Equitable Working Environment - improving personal lives, hiring practices, and personnel development 

Thank you in advance for your participation and support as we look Beyond 2020 to a brighter future, together.

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