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WHAT: Introduces participants to paradigm-shifting knowledge of the landscape of regional economic Competitiveness and the framework that establishes conditions for success and prosperity in a region. In other words, the IMBW delivers an understanding of how the economic game is played at the regional level and how to compete and win at each level of the game successfully: i.e., education and training, and entrepreneurial startup, existing small business owner, growth-stage business.


WHY: From the 1970s to the present day, Black entrepreneurship has skyrocketed exponentially, yet the productivity outcomes of such high activity have been meager. Today, Census data show that all Black-owned businesses nationwide produce less than 1 percent GDP. The IMBW is designed to benefit Black entrepreneurs and business owners through unprecedented exposure to contextual knowledge of their regional innovation ecosystem, a critical missing ingredient in the educational infrastructure cultivating Black entrepreneurial talent. 


BENEFIT: The week will offer new insights and connections to people, organizations, and institutional drivers within the regional economic infrastructure and across the nation who support and champion the development and growth of the Black business productivity. 

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Building a More Equitable Ecosystem for Innovation Because Everyone Deserves A Seat At The Table

InnoPower is a client-focused community development organization that works with communities and stakeholders to create capacity-building opportunities for underrepresented businesses and professionals in education, workforce development, and entrepreneurship.

With a unique focus on innovation, InnoPower works creatively with community stakeholders across all sectors on initiatives that lead to social and economic inclusion.

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