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8:00 AM  |  Doors Open for Registration
8:45 AM  |  Morning Plenary Session
11:00 AM  |  Breakout Sessions I
12:15 PM  |  Open for Lunch/Networking
1:30 PM  |  Afternoon Plenary Session
4:00 PM  |  Power Pitches Competition



8:30 AM  |  Doors Open for Registration
9:15 AM  |  Morning Plenary Session
11:30 AM  | Breakout Sessions II
12:30 PM  |  Open for Lunch/Networking
1:40 PM  |  Afternoon Plenary Session
3:30 PM  |  Event Ends

Friday, July 19


Registration Opens

A light continental breakfast will be provided.


Opening Remarks: Audrey Boyle


Power Talk: Sonal Sheth Zawahri

Have You Stretched Today?

The best leaders never stop growing, they never stop learning, never stop stretching. And they start with intention. What are your intentions? What do you want to achieve and how will you stretch to make it happen?


Meet the 2019 InnoPower Ambassadors

The InnoPower Ambassador program identifies rising minority leaders in Central Indiana to equip them as change agents that spread the message of opportunity to minority communities across our city and state.


Panel Discussion: Accelerating Positive Change Through Social Innovation

Moderator: Alan Bacon

Panelists: Stephanie Fernhaber | Imhotep Adisa | Mary Clark | Pastor Jeffrey Johnson | Marlene Dotson


Power Talk: Allen Woods

The Power of Perspective in Driving Social Change

The way that we view the world informs how we operate within it, our values, connections, and interactions with others.


Breakout Sessions I  (attend one of the following)

Alan Gray

You Don't Even Know Me

Why just listen to what your customers say when you can more effectively accelerate value creation through their eyes. Learn how design thinking and jobs to be done drive an immersive culture, leading to lean innovation. 

Stephanie Adams, Adrienne Brown, Adrianne Slash

Connect the Dots

How might you fulfill your promise in the way you deliver your services and products? Community Health shares how they utilize cloud-based and other tools, including journey mapping.

Darryl Warren

We Are More Alike Than Not!

Business leaders are currently challenged with how to effectively manage up to 5 generations in the workplace at one time. Learn different generational characteristics and specific strategies on how to best work with those different generations. 

Joy Mason

Entrepreneur 101: Business Processes

As you grow your business, you must have documented business processes.  They are the difference between smart people working randomly versus a growing and sustainable business enterprise. Learn different processes and how to leverage them in your business.  

NaShara Mitchell

Purpose Driven Business

For many business owners, “profit isn’t a purpose. It’s a result. To have purpose means the things we do are of real value to others.” (Simon Sinek). This session will identify and discuss considerations for purpose driven businesses’ viability, sustainability and profitability.  

Amy Healton, Kahlil Mwaafrika

Rapid Design Challenge

Get hands-on experience with rapid design challenges when you dive into the business model challenges of programs educating children from zero to three. You will brainstorm innovative ideas to improve the infant and toddler childcare business model and the winning submission will be awarded $500.











Explore on your own and enjoy a variety of food vendors participating in Indiana Black Expo's exhibition halls at Summer Celebration.

Afternoon Opening Remarks: Tanya Bell

Fireside Chat: Tony McGee

We sit down with former NFL player and successful business CEO to discuss lessons in leadership.

Power Talk: Parveen Chand

How Innovation in Healthcare Impacts the Underrepresented

IU Health's constant pursuit of excellence through leading-edge medicine and scientific innovation is guided by their executive leadership and board of directors

Keynote Presentation: Dileep Rao

Venture Capital Secrets: How Unicorn Entrepreneurs Create Wealth and Control It

94% of unicorn-entrepreneurs took off with skills, not venture capital. Lack of venture capital did not hold them back because they learned and used the right skills. Based on his interviews and original research, Dr. Rao will list these skills by stage of venture as it grows from idea to unicorn. 

Panel Discussion: Her Business Is Our Business w/ The Startup Ladies

The Startup Ladies' CEO, Kristen Cooper, sits down with successful women entrepreneurs that represent a variety of different businesses and industries.

Fireside Chat: Fred Payne w/ Tracey Barnes

Two leaders from the State of Indiana sit down to discuss workforce development and increasing diversity in Central Indiana's economy. Moderated by Jamal Smith.

Power Pitches Presented by PitchFeast

One winning entrepreneur will walk away with a $5,000 cash prize. All finalists will receive a VIP registration to InnoPower 2019, have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with investors and receive over $10k in entrepreneurial services.

End of Day 1


Saturday, July 20









Registration Opens

A light continental breakfast will be provided.

Opening Remarks: Audrey Boyle

Power Talk: Gustavo Razzetti

Beware the Cult of the Leader

Our society worships high-profile, charismatic, leaders, but innovation is a team game. Leading innovation is a behavior, not a title. Gustavo will address this new model and share actionable insights tools to stop worshiping leaders and start driving change.

Meet the Indianapolis Teaching Fellows

The New Teacher Project (TNTP) is training a generation of great teachers who believe that change starts in the classroom..

Panel Discussion: Opportunities and Resources for Minority Entrepreneurs in Indy Today

Moderator: Adrianne Slash

Panelists: Elaine Bedel  |  Jacqueline Troy  |  Neil Metzger  |  Rick Proctor  |  George Middleton

Keynote Presentation: Dorri McWhorter

Impact and Innovation: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Conscious business leader Dorri McWhorter will share her thoughts and real-world examples of how focusing on social impact can drive innovation for all types of organizations.

Brave Initiatives: Meet the Girls Building a Better World

KSM Consulting ​is partnering with BraveCamp, a one-week program designed to build confidence in coding and problem-solving.

Breakout Sessions II  (attend one of the following)

Dr. Kevin Berkopes

Building Ecosystems

We often think that with one idea we can achieve the outcomes we are looking for. One intervention is never enough to achieve scalable results that build true change. Dr. Berkopes will walk through the complexity of systems thinking in social contexts.

Tricia Teague

8 Keys to Success as an Entrepreneur

Success comes easily when you’re intentional in applying the entrepreneurial mindset. Learn the 8 keys to entrepreneurial thinking and how to apply them in business, in a job, and in life. 

Ray Sylvester

Personal BIZ

Your ‘Personal Brand V.A.L.U.E™’ drives purpose and performance. Personal brand management is all about the leadership of unique individual value. Participants will discover and embrace their
Personal B.I.Z Power™ through their
Personal Brand V.A.L.U.E™.

Patrick Jones, Sr.

The Innovation School Formula

Learn more about the process towards leading an innovation school including the vision for academic excellence, community engagement and need for an entrepreneurial mindset from those doing leading the schools, the newest group of Innovation Schools Fellows and Sr. Director of School Incubation at The Mind Trust.

Darye Henry

Why Apps Fail to Launch

Many companies waste hundreds of thousands of dollars all reaching to make the next big splash. Technology is no longer an afterthought for your business to succeed, it is core to your business - And many times it is the business.



Explore on your own and enjoy a variety of food vendors participating in Indiana Black Expo's exhibition halls at Summer Celebration.


Afternoon Opening Remarks: Audrey Boyle


Power Talk: Molly Martin





Panel Discussion: Hoosier Women in Government

Moderator: Debbie Wilson

Panelists: Karen Freeman-Wilson, J.D.  |  Robin Shackleford  |  Angela Smith Jones, J.D. Councilor Maggie A. Lewis  |  Hope Tribble

Keynote Presentation: Roland Williams

What Are Your Super Bowls?

High expectations. Fierce competition. Extraordinary opportunity. This revealing presentation inside the mindset of elite performers will touch hearts, challenge beliefs and motivate you to begin implementing three critical keys necessary to personal and organizational transformation.

Closing Remarks: InnoPower Team

End of Day 2


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